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assignment is done.

hair is blow dryed.

laura mercier primer has been found.

i love this song.

all is at peace in the world of lauren. :)
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bitch, bitch, bitch...

Well this weekend has pretty much been filled with loads and loads of Tafe work. I am really hating Tafe at the moment. Even though I have been on two weeks holiday, I honestly really don’t want to go back. :/ Serves myself right for leaving this crap until the last minute! Oh, and I have a test tomorrow night, so my test phobia is kicking in. Argh!

I have been questioning myself a lot lately, and questioning what I am doing career-wise and if this is actually right for me. I am becoming frustrated (and maybe a bit bored?) with what I am doing. Hopefully this is just a stage and when I go to class tomorrow night I’ll get back into it again. :)

Now I am going to find my ipod and go for a stroll. x
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Hammer time! {bye-bye puta}

Ugh, why is it that when I need my pc most, it decides to break on me? I was merrily burning dvds yesterday when all of a sudden the burner decides that it is going to stop reading cd's all together. Long story short after spending a lot of time on the phone to HP today, I had to reformat my hard drive, that STILL didn't work, so now someone has to come out and fix it. I suppose the positive is that it is still under warranty, BUT I haven't even had it for a year which is just bullshit. Oh, and when I went to back up my C: drive onto my external drive, I CAN'T FIND THE BLOODY POWER SUPPLY! So I had to go and spend $50 on a new one, but at least the guy that helped me was really, really sweet and connected it up for me and even said how nice I smelt (go Chloe perfume!) He even said if I had any problems to call the store and he would help out. =)

So now I can't finish my assignment, because I have lost Microsoft Office (I never paid for it, I had a copy of it on a disc - THAT MY COMPUTER WON'T READ) and I need to be able to hand in some of it for Tuesday. So I will have to go to work earlier tomorrow, so I can give it to Sam tomorrow night as I won't be at class on Tues because I am going to see the Rolling Stones! (the one positive in this post lol) I have just been feeling so stressed lately, that when the slightest thing goes wrong, I am not handling it well at all. I can't wait until Tafe holidays, I really need the two weeks off. I've just felt like everything is getting on top of me lately. But it's all good, I know it will be worth it in the end. =) x

p.s Oh & I didn't fail my test - I got 100%!
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+ new yeah yeah yeahs is awesome!

+ my family make me happy, i feel very lucky to have them.

+ have my first accounting test tomorrow. *prays to the lj gods she doesn't fail*

+ AND i got tickets to The Stones =D
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Billy Connolly = fucking hilarious!

But I accidentally deleted the one photo I managed to get of him before my camera died. =(
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